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We guide and support organizations to embark on their digital transformation journey as they adopt information technology solution as a business enabler. We have ample experience in development and deployment of IT solutions like:

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS):

We provide services in the design and deployment of EDMS solutions to support businesses and institutions to achieve the goal of going paperless both effectively and efficiently especially the goal of “migrating to paperless government by 2030”. Our EDMS solution has been successfully designed and deployed to several clients with positive feedback.

Print Management Solution:

We offer you the opportunity to control wastage in the printing environment. Organizations can utilize different practices like printing machine tracking, computing device tracking, print output monitoring, sensitive data security, printing cost optimization, and print analytics to manage the ability of workers to print their works simultaneously without interference or intrusion in privacy.

Backup & Recovery Solutions:

We are passionate about helping clients focus on their job roles while leaving the worries and anxiety associated with loss of data to our backup & Recovery Solutions.

Budget Management and Tracking Software (BMTS):

we design an deploy budget management solutions to help organizations manage, track and forecast budget to monitor and management your business finances.

Provision of Cloud-based services:

Cloud-based Virtual Private Server, Virtual Private Network, Cloud Storage, Cloud database engine based for Structured and Unstructured Data, and several other cloud-hosting related services.

Systems Management and Maintenance Services:

This involves conducting preventive and repair maintenance, inspecting defective lines and components, performing troubleshooting to maintain optimal performance and service delivery. In this service, we help organizations to focus on their core business while we take responsibility for maintaining the company’s computing and network systems and other related instruments to support their business operational functions. These services can be delivered through annual maintenance agreements or call-out contracts to support the customers’ budget.

Provision of Internet Services:

We provide Internet Infrastructure and bandwidth that is both flexible, affordable, and reliable. Our Internet access service comes in different shades and sizes depending on your needs. We provide dedicated as well as shared bandwidth based on customers’ needs. We use best-practice world standard technologies from multiple carriers to redundant systems to best serve the needs of the customers, allowing us to deliver reliable, fast, and efficient service for all purposes.


CallServy empowers organizations communicate using Video, Audio and Chat in a Cloud-based VOIP platform. In CallServy, employees can now be empowered to work from anywhere, CallServy is a powerful solution that replaces traditional phone, chat, and video conference services.

Our solution provides a consolidated platform for official communication. Through the cloud-based communication solution, you can be assured of security, storage, and unprecedented flexibility.

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